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Our Customers

We have a wide variety of customers that use our vehicle tracking here in Ireland. They range from households in rural areas to business clients all over the country. With our vehicle tracking it gives you peace of mind. No matter if you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicle we have a solution that will not only protect you but also reduce costs in your business. Once you have placed your order we will send out an engineer free of charge and install a tiny gps tracker in your vehicle or asset. Here is what some of our clients are saying

We had issues with our employees not being where they should have been. Since installing a vehicle tracker from fastsat we have seen an increase of 15% in productivity

Sean Murphy


We had our mercedez stolen but within 12 minutes it was recovered using the car tracking device

Being a large company we needed to save on fuel. Fastsat have produced a decrease in fuel costs of well over 21% since we installed there tracking service.

Audi Ireland needed vehicle tracking to offer a stolen recovery solution.

Peter Haines

IT Manager

Being rural we to stop the theft of our plant. We now have piece of mind knowing fastsat is monitoring all our devices.

Siobhan Mcnamara