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Plant Tracking

Plant tracking in Ireland from Fastsat

A lot of plant equipment is very expensive and can run in to thousands of euro in costs. If you this equipment are stolen then many insurance companies will try their best to avoid paying you for this loss. Plant tracking is the simplest answer to avoid any extra expense when this happens. Fastsat offers you the most comprehensive and technologically advanced plant tracking devices here in Ireland and Europe.
If your plant or associated equipment is stolen we will help you recover it very quickly. Even if it is taken abroad our device will work throughout Europe. The plant tracker device is about the size of a large matchbox and has its own internal battery that will last many years. It can be bolted to any farm equipment or hire plant and you will not know it is there.
Costs are very small from only €11 per month and we do not charge any upfront costs and will even give you 3 months FREE tracking as part of our packages.
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Fastsat- The best plant tracker in Ireland

Our main vision is to work with our partners to give better digital freedom to enable people to get the benefit of high speed plant tracking in Ireland. We consistently aim to meet as well as exceed our software quality and to provide cheap affordable plant services in Ireland. Our company is continuously working on upgrading the speed to provide a better service keeping in mind the rising demand for plant tracking. We also give high importance to download limits because we want our customers to make full use of their internet connection. If you want more information about our services relating to our cheapest broadband services in Ireland then contact our customer support team by email or phone.