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Vehicle Tracking

Fastsat the best vehicle tracking provider in Ireland

Vehicle tracking is one of the most effective methods of reducing costs for a business. Not only can it recover stolen vehicles but our vehicle tracking solution can also double up as a fleet management tracking system. This means that you will see huge savings in areas of fuel and productivity. The vehicle tracking system is effective because we integrate the software into your business. Unlike other providers we have many features that do not cost extra such as speed monitoring on all roads. An ability to automatically report service intervals. As well as much more. When you sign up to Fastsat vehicle tracking in Ireland we provide you with many extra features at no extra cost and include 3 months FREE vehicle tracking. We also provide FREE installation on all our vehicle tracking packages and this comes as standard.

Irish based vehicle tracking on your doorstep

Fastsat is one of the best vehicle tracking providers in Ireland and has made it possible for every business and company to gain access to the internet by offering a fleet management solution. We are focused on saving your business both time and money by giving you the power to see where all your employees are by using the very latest gps vehicle tracking technology right here in Irleland.

Vehicle tracking used to be looked upon as both expensive and difficult to understand. The reality is now very much different. Fastsat vehicle tracking has developed an easy to use and comprehensive software that integrates with our own tracking device that we install FREE of charge in your vehicle. It can be used in many different ways including but not limited to
• Stolen recovery
• Fleet management
• Vehicle cost reduction
• Employee productivity and monitoring
• Asset identification
• Temperature control of fridges in vehicles
• Driver identification
The cost implications are very low when you consider the cost savings. Think about it, if your employees know they are being tracked they will stop taking longer breaks and unnecessary trips. This alone will cut down massively on fuel and increase there working hours. Other areas of cost reductions are wear and tear. On average a company can save thousands of euros per vehicle per year when the system only costs from as little as €11.99 a month.
When considering vehicle tracking in Ireland ask yourself these simple questions. Is the company you’re looking at offering the following?
• FREE tracking for the first 3 months
• 30 second reporting even in Europe and outside Ireland
• Speed monitoring on all roads not just one set limit
• Google integration and street view
• FREE warranty
• FREE Install
• Temperature monitoring if required
• Driver identification
• Stolen vehicle recovery
• Unlimited users
• Costs from as little as €11.99 a month

Boat and outboard engine tracker

Our marine tracking devices can be installed on any outboard engine or boat. With an internal battery with a life of up to 3 years your outboard engine is fully secured. In the event of theft simply access our online tracking software and find your engine or boat immediately. IPX7 compliant our boat and outboard tracking device is fully waterproof. Call us now for a demo of how the system works.